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Blue Encens eau de parfum spray
Stephanus Potgieter

The best perfume in the world but never received it yet!!!! Choose a carrier with a licence to carry perfume that is apparrntly regarded as dangerous goods!!! Its kept in transit and customer must go through all this nonsence to get money back or product!!!!! So annoying!!!! $395 is a lot of money!!!

Collage Hydrox 20V
Pascale Henaux-Perie
not the good one

I have not received Hydrox 20 V but 18 instead

Arganikare Miracle Blend Oil
Sylvain Arsenault

Very high quality product. Thank you :-)

OSIS+ Sparkler Shine Spray

1922 By J.M. Keune Refreshing Shampoo

Imperial Hold Hairspray
Angie Raisanen
Pai shau

I love the product and received it promptly. I ordered the 14 oz size but received the 10 oz size as I was told the supplier no longer made the 14 oz size. Which is fine, but I felt that I got ripped off because I was still charged for the 14 oz size.

1922 By J.M. Keune Refreshing Conditioner

Love it

My wife loves it

Wrong Gift set

Missing body wash

Nectaya 7NN

This product has been my go to for several years, love it!


Si vous voulez un parfum pouvant être porté toute les saisons le voici : INSOLENCE DE GUERLAIN !! Ce parfum représente l'audace sans être écrasant , la féminité , la douceur tout ce que l'iris et la violette procure en bouquet. Il est enivrant envoûtant. Le parfum a une bonne durabilité d'au moins 4 hrs . Si vous aimez les ''floraux'' et les parfums poudrés vous l'aimerez . Il n'est pas agressant . Note de tête la framboise note de coeur : rose , fleur d'oranger violette , note de fond : vanille, iris , fève de tonka.

Tint Brush Black
Vicki Ferguson
Wrong brush

I didn’t receive the one I ordered. I mentioned it via email and I’m not sure the person read properly my comments because she was talking about something different.

Great Fresh Smelling Oil | Leaves Beard Super-Soft

Guys with beards should definitely try this product. I've only used it once, but the results are amazing so far. My beard feels really soft, only a few mins later after applying a mere 6 drops. I'll check back in the future and leave another review once I have more usage out of it. Thanks!

Miracle oil

As with a previous reviewer, I love my beard but my partner and kids would complain about the prickliness. Problem solved with this oil. Not only did it soften it but it kept my skin nice and moisturizer! Smells great too… partner approved manly scent. Product is a definite buy, for as long as I sport a beard

Wife approved - premium product - reasonable price

I like the way I look with a beard. I can't really picture myself without one. I find when im clean shaven i look like a bit of a pussy. However in the past year my wife has gone on the offensive, lobbying relentlessly for a clean shave. She says she likes it but it's prickly. So she offered me an ultimatum. Soften it up or loose it. So i did what we do in 2022 and googled "top 5 best beard oils". Got a few hits, read a few articles and tried 3 of the best rated ones. No luck. Then my gorgeous wife, the problem solver that she is found the house of barbers brand, ordered it for me, sat me down, lathered me up, and before I could say "house of barbers" it was sexy time again. Love this product.

Amazing product

Eternity Aqua Holiday gift set
Anastasiya Kostrikova

Ordered set 2 months ago, but...didn't recieved anything. Very disappointed, $100 for nothing. No communication, no answers, no product.


Well done.

Beard Oil - Beard Growth Oil

Krazy Krizia

Lovely fragrance. Beautiful bottle. Great service. Fast delivery. I’m happy.

Love the product!

Not what I ordered

Hi! Had ordered Holiday Season gift set, but got a call to say that I couldn't get it. I had to be sent a different set altogether. I accepted it anyway..

It smell good but what happened to the bath gel that smell good all day hope it comes back

Acqua Di Gioia

Je suis déçue... Il ne vaut plus son prix actuel. La flagrance est très subtile et ne reste que très peu de temps sur la peau. J'utilise ce produit depuis 8 ans et, il est évident que les odeurs ont été diluées autant pour le parfum que la lotion. Je peux comparer avec ce qu'il me reste de mon dernier achat d'il y a 2 ans. C'est très dommage ça lui retire tout son prestige de grande marque. Ça n'aurait pas dû être fait. Il était tellement parfait, tellement de qualité. Avant, ma robe de chambre restait embaumée du soir d'avant. Maintenant, il faut en chercher les effluves à coups de grandes respirations. Donc, il faut en appliquer plus souvent. Ce qui est bon pour les ventes mais décevant pour une consommatrice de longue date. J'espère que ça ne deviendra pas une manière de nous décevoir et de trouver une autre odeur mythique pour nous satisfaire.
Ceci dit, excellent service à la clientèle ! Merci !

Drakkar Noir gift set