What Makes a Good Hairspray?

Carlos Shah

Posted on August 18 2020

What Makes a Good Hairspray?


While hairspray often gets a bad rap for being bad for your health and the environment, it’s no secret that it’s one of the best things you can use to achieve whatever kind of hairstyle it is that you fancy. Besides, most of today’s hair styling spray is no longer what it used to be. There are tons of non-toxic and even environment-friendly hair sprays out in the market today. So, what makes a good hairspray? That depends on what your hair is like and what you’re expecting from the product. 

How To Choose The Right Hairspray for Your Hair 

Finding the right hairspray product isn’t that easy. You can’t just pick up any ol’ bottle of hairspray and expect it to work for you without reading the label or knowing what you really need. Here are some things to consider when choosing which hairspray to buy. 

Men’s vs women’s hairspray 

Do they really differ from each other? When it comes to packaging, yes. Most of the time, hair spray for women come in cutesy packaging with feminine designs while unisex hairsprays or hairspray for men are either sleek or neutral in packaging. Formula-wise, however, there’s not really much of a difference between the two and both are effective in holding hairstyles and keeping them in place. 

Aerosol vs. non-aerosol hairspray 

People often prefer aerosol hairsprays because the continuous mist they give off makes it easier and more convenient to use. However, if you have thick and curly hair, you might find that aerosol hairsprays like the Redken Fashion Work 12 Hairspray won’t do much for your hair. This type of hair spray is better and more ideal for use on fine hair. For thick, textured, and curly hair, it’s better to use non-aerosol hairspray like Sexy Hair’s Big Sexy Spritz and Stay Hairspray

Pick a hair spray according to your hair needs

A hairspray that offers extra strong hold like the Nioxin 3D Styling Strong Hold Hairspray won’t do much if what you need is for the product to help volumize your hair. Instead, you can try using Farouk’s Biosilk Volumizing Therapy Hairspray. This is why it’s important to identify what your hair needs and to choose your hairspray accordingly. Other hairsprays can help with setting and styling, others add shine while there are also some that offer protection against heat and those that help with frizzy hair. 

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Hairspray 

Whether your hairspray product of choice is a drugstore find or a high-end beauty investment, these tips will surely help you get the most out of every bottle. 

  1. Clean the nozzle after every use - this will ensure that no residual product dries up and clogs the nozzle and will give you an even distribution of the product every time. 
  2. Spray from a distance - one of the most common mistakes people make when using hairspray is spraying it too close. This tends to make hair look greasy and too stiff which leads to an unnatural look. For best results, always spray from a distance.
  3. Use a toothbrush when dealing with smaller details - flyaways and baby hairs can ruin a perfectly styled look. Instead of spraying directly on these, spritz a bit of hairspray on an old but clean toothbrush and use that to put those teeny-tiny strands of hair in place. 
  4. Use it on your brows - yes, really! Hair spray isn’t just for the hair on your head; you can use it to keep your brows in place as well. Don’t spray it on directly, though. Spray it on a spoolie and use that to brush through your brows instead. 

Ready to go shopping? Don’t forget these tips so you don’t waste your money on hairspray that won’t work for your hair! 

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